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Aug 22 / admin

iFundie and Get Connected Short Film Contest!!

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What Would You Do With $1,000 To Shoot a Low-Budget Short Film?

Get Connected, Atlanta’s premiere Entertainment networking event,  and iFundie would like to know, and we’re giving away multiple $1,000 grants to find out!  The contest runs from now until July 31st, 2011.  Don’t miss out!

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Aug 11 / admin

Unique Ways to Promote Your Next Party Event

Eventbrite, the leading provider of online event management and ticketing services, came up with a cool three-part series on innovative ways to promote events utilizing Social Media.  The first describes tips using Twitter, second using Facebook, and last using Email.  In it, they actually give some specific examples on how to use these tools, which is why we chose to blog about it.
I personally like their tips on using Email the best.  Here’s a part of it that hit on a good point:

“One idea is to talk to your invitees like they’re already going. Don’t make the subject of the email the fact that the recipient has not yet registered for the event.  This makes people feel alienated and somewhat hostile.  Don’t browbeat your invitees with recriminations like “Why haven’t you registered yet?” or “There are only 3 days left before the event!”.  Those types of messages work against you.  Most people don’t like it when other people try to create urgency for them.  Most people prefer to create urgency for themselves.”

Here are the links to the entire series:

Event Promotion

Jul 11 / admin

Music Copyright Law – 4 Easy Steps

Music Copyright Law – 4 Easy Steps

For an entertainer just starting out in his music career, an important element he/she may want to consider is the dealing with music copyright law.  While to copyright music is a simple process that you can do online, music copyright law is an often forgotten step when first starting out, and to do so early on can make matters easier down the line if disputes about a work ever arise.

Technically, with copyright law and music, as well as most all creative works, a craft is the original creator’s property once created.   You can register your published or unpublished works through the U.S. Copyright Office with one application and a single fee (copyright music fees can sometimes change) to have an official record link to your composition.

Here are the steps to copyright music:

1) Go to the U.S. Copyright Online Services website at:  and create an account. Next go to the “Copyright Services” area and choose the “Register a New Claim” option.  After this, choose “Start registration.” and from there Go to “Type of Work”.  After going here just select the choice that fits your genre of music and click the “Next” button.   You then choose  “New” to add the title of your music composition; fill in the name of  your title type, and afterwards, fill the title in the box below.  Press “Save” when you’re done.

2) After filling in your details, choose “Yes” or “No” from the question that asks, “Has this work been published?” then click next. If you chose “Yes” for this questions,  answer questions regarding publication-related details.  After this, select “Add me” if you the composition’s author , or select “New” if the music is authored by someone else. Answer the rest of the information on the page that appears and when you are done, click “Save” Next, select the checkboxes to detail the parts of the music with your contribution and select “Save.  If you are done with the Author section, click “Next.”3

3) After you are done with the Author Section, you next select “Add me” if the music composition is your creation. If it’s not, select “New”, then “Next”.  To complete the details for the creator is the same process as for the author(s).  After you’re done, select “Next” and to go to the “Preexisting Material” area of the application. Complete the areas with the registration information.  Afterwards, select “Next” and assign somebody that you want authorized to grant permission to use your music.  to Completing information for the creator, or claimant, is the same as that for the author(s). Click “Next” after completing this process to get to the “Preexisting Material” section. Fill in the boxes with the registration information for the preexisting material.

4) For the last step, select “Next,” to continue providing information about this person.  Give the address of the person that will obtain the registration certificate.  After, go to the page for special handling by selecting “Next”, read the “Warnings” below, and again select “Next”.  Check the box to certify you’ve read the statement then enter the name of the person certified in the next box.  Choose an option to submit your music composition, then click “Next.”  Look over your entire application, then choose “Add to cart”.  Afterwards, click “Checkout” and select the method you which to pay.  Click proceed to finish your registration. Click the option you’ll use to submit your music; then click “Next.” Review your application before clicking “Add to cart.” Review your contact information and case details before clicking “Checkout.” Select your payment method, then proceed to complete your registration.  After your payment is verified you can choose to submit your musical composition by either mail or uploading by clicking “Submit your Work.”  If you choose to upload, do so, then click “Done.”

And that’s how to copyright music.

music copyright law

Music Copyright Law

You can download the Copyright Music From Here:

For more information on how to copyright music, you can visit: .

Jun 21 / admin

How to Start a Successful Fashion Business

Here are some informative tips on starting your own Fashion Business.  There are a series of articles detailing some key steps in the process, but we’ve just linked to the first one on getting started.  Take some time to go through them all to get some helpful insight into the process of beginning a Fashion Business.

Key Takeaways:

“Do I really want to run a business?”

“Beautiful people, fun parties, flights of creative fancy – what more is there to want from a career? Here’s a reality check: it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. Running a fashion business means that packing boxes at 2 am, steaming clothes over and over again, and pouring through receipts with an accountant will become part of your routine. You will likely spend less than 10% of your time designing, while the rest of the time you will be managing production, sending clothes to magazines, dealing with suppliers who want their money (now!), begging Anna Wintour’s assistants to grant you a meeting, managing your employees while hoping they don’t fall ill, and trying to eat and bathe in between.”

“Do I already have or can I find the necessary skills, contacts and funding to create a successful fashion company?”

“You will also need to find people in the Industry who agree to support you and work with you. You’ll need a PR who will (at least initially) give you his services for almost nothing and a factory that will make your clothes in small quantities. You will also need accountants, lawyers, stylists, photographers, graphics designers, production managers and interns – hopefully all at discounted prices. You therefore need to ask yourself if you already have a set of contacts which you can leverage to make your business work. If not, you need to get out there and meet people so you can start your business on the right foot, with the right team behind you.”

“Do I have something unique to offer the market?”

“If there is one crucial thing I recommend that you do before rushing off to start a business, it is to carefully craft your business concept. What is it about your business that will be unique? Why will people choose to buy your product over someone else’s? Is it the design, the price, the value or the dream that they are buying into?”

Jun 3 / admin

Do Your Fans Just Want Your Creations?

Do Event-Goers just want tickets to your concert? Do Music Listeners just want links to your latest album?  Do Dance Appreciators just want to see a dance performance?  Do Fashion and Modeling lovers just want to see your creations, your photography?

Not in today’s small, demanding world.  At least we don’t think so.  The Internet and Social Media has lowered the barrier and created a world where people are able to connect in ways never-before possible.   With this revelation, Creators should think hard about how they can give their fans a genuine look at the person beyond the creation.

Ultimately for Entertainers, it’s about building a deeper connection with your fans.  How you choose to go about doing this is up to you.

Try breaking down what you’re delivering into two categories:

The infinite components (those that are most easily replicated)-things like your music, dance choreography, or photography portfolio


The scarce components (those that are not easily replicable)- Backstage Access to your event, personal merchandise, personal recognition, etc. etc.

Aside from just the infinite components of your Entertainment you create, take some time to put focus on the scarce components as well.  There’s big value that lies in these things.

Excited Fans

May 28 / admin

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online

Here’s a nice illustration on why the Music Industry has been in such turmoil over the last years.   Gives a pretty clear picture as to why Artists spend so much time touring and struggling to support themselves, instead of freely creating the Art that they love.


May 1 / admin

10 Reasons to Buy Music From Independent Artists

Two posts ago we showed you a small picture of what portion of royalties go to Musicians and what portion goes everywhere else.  We thought we’d expand a little more on this idea, and direct you to 10 specific reasons why you should support Independent Musicians.   Here’s a post from, the online Direct-to-Fan (D2F) Music Marketing and Sales platform.

This post was written by Daniel Kobialka on Articlesbase.

Musicians develop their own labels for many different reasons. My reason is partly because of a challenge I took on at a young age, to take what I was told was an unmarketable instrument, the violin, and create music that expressed emotions, touched hearts, and ultimately, sold. Whatever the reason for creating their own labels, musicians sometimes forget the advantages they hold and focus instead on the multitude of challenges.

As a gentle reminder to artists as well as their potential customers, I’m sharing my personal favorite reasons why I enjoy having my own label, and why music lovers should consciously choose to buy music from independent labels.

1. Independent musicians can freely express their passion and unique talent. They can express their own personal stories, follow their own instincts, and not have to follow orders from major label executives as to what they must create. From the customer’s perspective, by exploring radio stations and other sources of independent music, they too are now free to make their own decisions as to what is hot and what is not.

2. Many of the common music distributors only offer music from major labels, and rarely do they give anything for free, no matter how many albums you download or cds you buy. An independent artist is free to be unique and generous in his sales methods. For the consumer, this can mean getting bulk discounts, coupon offers and appreciation for their repeat purchases.

3. The independent musician can communicate directly with the customer, so online sales doesn’t have to feel like an isolating experience for the artist. Many times the thrill of receiving an email directly from the musician can turn an independent label music purchaser into a devout fan.

4. Niche marketing is all the buzz these days, and nowhere is it more successful than in independent music. As an independent musician, you are free to create your own unique niche and, in the process, reach more ideal fans. As someone who buys music from an independent label, you can find it easier to discover the music that defines and expresses YOU as well.

5. By buying from independent labels, customers and musicians can share the love. Think of it this way, here’s one scenario. A music lover makes a purchase. The independent musician has total control over what is communicated in the thank-you message. The customer can write back. The musician can quote the customer in his blog, the customer basks in the glory of the personal mention and shares it with all his friends on his Facebook page. Backlinks abound. Try that when you purchase from a major label.

6. Everyone feels more authentic. A MySpace page is more authentic than a billboard. A blog is more authentic than a press release. As an independent musician you can replace corporate communications with the real you, and your fans can comment on your webpage and get a direct response from you with their name on it.

7. At a time when many music retailers are closing their doors, customers can find their favorite independent musician’s music by buying it directly from the artist. Musicians with a well defined niche and loyal, avid fans can remain untouched by the ups and downs of the retail music industry.

8. An independent musician can develop his own website presence based on his own unique personality and style. Fans can hang out in a place where they can listen to new music clips, socialize, watch video performances, buy music, and share and build upon each other’s excitement. Everything is in one place, and they can discover a new musician or song, leave their comments, bookmark the site, make a purchase, and make new friends, all at the same time.

9. Musicians get a bigger cut from the sale of their music. This may seem obvious, but if customers could see the portions their favorite musicians receive from major labels, they would make more effort to support independent musicians, and buy from independent labels.

10. Indie musicians can band together to support each other and further their own causes, in organizations such as Association of Independent Musicians, or Rock the Net, only two examples. Major record labels often limit what their artists can do or not do. Consumers can not only support the music they love, they can affiliate themselves with causes they believe in.

There are of course other reasons to buy music from independent artists, but this is a great list to get you started thinking in that direction.

Indie Music

Apr 29 / admin

Children’s Animation Series Educates Kids On Global Warming

Check out the latest project on iFundie, The Lightners Strike is an exciting project about an Super-Intelligent family who’s discovered a way to reverse the effects of Global Warming! Funds go towards creation of a series of children’s book, which will later be developed into a feature:


Apr 21 / admin

iFundie Hooks Up with the Peachtree Village International Film Festival

We’re teaming up the Peachtree Village International Film Festival to run a campaign for their festival taking place in August 2011.

This is the 6th annual Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF) and boasts to be the largest international festival in the South East and 2011 is slated to be the best year yet.


Apr 12 / admin

Be In The Mix!

Calling ALL ATLiens! Be Sure to Check Out IN THE MIX! An Entertainment Industry Event This Thursday! 6-10pm. 595 North Avenue. Click Here for more Details. Tell Them iFundie Sent You!

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