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Jun 3 / admin

Do Your Fans Just Want Your Creations?

Do Event-Goers just want tickets to your concert? Do Music Listeners just want links to your latest album?  Do Dance Appreciators just want to see a dance performance?  Do Fashion and Modeling lovers just want to see your creations, your photography?

Not in today’s small, demanding world.  At least we don’t think so.  The Internet and Social Media has lowered the barrier and created a world where people are able to connect in ways never-before possible.   With this revelation, Creators should think hard about how they can give their fans a genuine look at the person beyond the creation.

Ultimately for Entertainers, it’s about building a deeper connection with your fans.  How you choose to go about doing this is up to you.

Try breaking down what you’re delivering into two categories:

The infinite components (those that are most easily replicated)-things like your music, dance choreography, or photography portfolio


The scarce components (those that are not easily replicable)- Backstage Access to your event, personal merchandise, personal recognition, etc. etc.

Aside from just the infinite components of your Entertainment you create, take some time to put focus on the scarce components as well.  There’s big value that lies in these things.

Excited Fans

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