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Music Copyright Law – 4 Easy Steps

Music Copyright Law – 4 Easy Steps

For an entertainer just starting out in his music career, an important element he/she may want to consider is the dealing with music copyright law.  While to copyright music is a simple process that you can do online, music copyright law is an often forgotten step when first starting out, and to do so early on can make matters easier down the line if disputes about a work ever arise.

Technically, with copyright law and music, as well as most all creative works, a craft is the original creator’s property once created.   You can register your published or unpublished works through the U.S. Copyright Office with one application and a single fee (copyright music fees can sometimes change) to have an official record link to your composition.

Here are the steps to copyright music:

1) Go to the U.S. Copyright Online Services website at:  and create an account. Next go to the “Copyright Services” area and choose the “Register a New Claim” option.  After this, choose “Start registration.” and from there Go to “Type of Work”.  After going here just select the choice that fits your genre of music and click the “Next” button.   You then choose  “New” to add the title of your music composition; fill in the name of  your title type, and afterwards, fill the title in the box below.  Press “Save” when you’re done.

2) After filling in your details, choose “Yes” or “No” from the question that asks, “Has this work been published?” then click next. If you chose “Yes” for this questions,  answer questions regarding publication-related details.  After this, select “Add me” if you the composition’s author , or select “New” if the music is authored by someone else. Answer the rest of the information on the page that appears and when you are done, click “Save” Next, select the checkboxes to detail the parts of the music with your contribution and select “Save.  If you are done with the Author section, click “Next.”3

3) After you are done with the Author Section, you next select “Add me” if the music composition is your creation. If it’s not, select “New”, then “Next”.  To complete the details for the creator is the same process as for the author(s).  After you’re done, select “Next” and to go to the “Preexisting Material” area of the application. Complete the areas with the registration information.  Afterwards, select “Next” and assign somebody that you want authorized to grant permission to use your music.  to Completing information for the creator, or claimant, is the same as that for the author(s). Click “Next” after completing this process to get to the “Preexisting Material” section. Fill in the boxes with the registration information for the preexisting material.

4) For the last step, select “Next,” to continue providing information about this person.  Give the address of the person that will obtain the registration certificate.  After, go to the page for special handling by selecting “Next”, read the “Warnings” below, and again select “Next”.  Check the box to certify you’ve read the statement then enter the name of the person certified in the next box.  Choose an option to submit your music composition, then click “Next.”  Look over your entire application, then choose “Add to cart”.  Afterwards, click “Checkout” and select the method you which to pay.  Click proceed to finish your registration. Click the option you’ll use to submit your music; then click “Next.” Review your application before clicking “Add to cart.” Review your contact information and case details before clicking “Checkout.” Select your payment method, then proceed to complete your registration.  After your payment is verified you can choose to submit your musical composition by either mail or uploading by clicking “Submit your Work.”  If you choose to upload, do so, then click “Done.”

And that’s how to copyright music.

music copyright law

Music Copyright Law

You can download the Copyright Music From Here:

For more information on how to copyright music, you can visit: .

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