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Apr 7 / admin

Spazz Klub Breaks Record For Fastest To Reach Goal

Congratulations to the whole Team Spazz Klub for surpassing their goal in record-breaking time!  In just the two days since they’ve gone live, they are now well over 100% funded.  Check out this creative Fashion and Photography team below.  Also be sure to check out their iFundie campaign!



Mar 26 / admin

$100 Cash Credit on New Projects by April 8th!

We’re in the process of ramping up projects on iFundie, and as a special gift,we’re giving away a $100 credit to new projects over $2,000 beginning in the next two weeks!

To get this deal, all you have to do is enter the promo code “100April8th” on the invite form when starting a project or send an email to with the subject “100April8th”.   For more information, be sure to shoot us an email.

Stay tuned for more updates.

- the iFundie Crew

Mar 15 / admin

The Wisdom of Crowds

There’s an interesting book by James Surowiecki called “The Wisdom of Crowds.”  In it, he describes how consumers are often a better indicator than the “experts” on who and what will succeed, pulling from examples as far-reaching as Beauty Contests to using the Stock Market to predict the culprit behind the 2003 Columbia Disaster.

“No one in this world, so far as I know, has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.”

-H. L. Mencken

Why mention this?  Well, it may be helpful in considering how to make sure your entertainment pursuits are good enough to be funded by the crowd.

iFundie gives you an unique opportunity to pull small contributions of money from a larger scale of people.  That collective approval could be one of your first indicators of whether or not what you’re creating is good enough to be sustaining down the road.  If your project is successfully funded in a given time slot, consider this a right-of-passage that the crafts you have created are approved directly from fans.

Check out “The Wisdom of Crowds” website, it’s an interesting read.

Mar 8 / admin

New Project Alert: FIRM Magazine 2.0

FIRM Magazine

We’ve been cooking up some pretty cool things in the background these last weeks. Check out our newest project on iFundie, FIRM Magazine’ 2.0 Redesign.

We are asking for support for our redesign project for FIRM Magazine. FIRM (which stands for [F]ashion, [I]nvestments, [R]ecreation, and [M]usic] is a education and entertainment, lifestyle publication that physically, mentally, and financially prepares our readers for the future.

FIRM’s iFundie campaign will help pay for the costs of redesigning their online magazine. Check out the project here: and stay tuned for more updates!

Mar 3 / admin

Patronage vs Handout


Pronunciation: \ˈpey-truh-nij, ˈpā-\

1 : the position, encouragement, influence, or support of a patron, as toward an artist, institution, etc.


Pronunciation: \hand-out\

1: anything given away for nothing, as a free sample of a product by an advertise

The founder of Wired, Kevin Kelly, wrote a post that we found extremely relevant in our development of iFundie. Here’s one segment of the post that we felt hit home the closest and in which we intend to tap into:

“It is my belief that audiences WANT to pay creators. Fans like to reward artists, musicians, authors and the like with the tokens of their appreciation, because it allows them to connect. But they will only pay if it is very easy to do, a reasonable amount, and they feel certain the money will directly benefit the creators. Radiohead’s recent high-profile experiment in letting fans pay them whatever they wished for a free copy is an excellent illustration of the power of patronage. The elusive, intangible connection that flows between appreciative fans and the artist is worth something. In Radiohead’s case it was about $5 per download. There are many other examples of the audience paying simply because it feels good.”

If all goes well, iFundie will be the best example yet of this model for the Arts and Entertainment industry.

Feb 18 / admin

Check Out: A Conversation with iFundie Managing Partner Steven Otu via The G Cafe:

Hear iFundie Managing Partner, Steven Otu, discuss everything from the origins of iFundie to the challenges of running a startup company. Big thanks to The G Cafe for making this possible.

Feb 10 / admin

H.E.R. Hip-Hop Showcase Teams Up with iFundie

iFundie is teaming up with H.E.R. Hip-Hop to help campaign their 2011 Showcase in the Fall. Their 2010 showcase included an artist-led panel, networking mixer, and artist performances from hip-hop duos Dead Prez, Kidz in the Hall, and more.

From what we’ve heard, the 2010 show was awesome and with the help of iFundie, we know 2011 will be too.The event will take place on Saturday, November 12 at The Georgia Theater in downtown Athens, GA. The artist line-up and schedule of events will be announced in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Feb 7 / admin

Your Fans, Your Brand

Your Brand, Your Fans

Razorfish delivered a comprehensive study in 2009 discussing the relationship between big brands and their customers.  We think most of what they discovered is relevant in the Arts and Entertainment realm also.

Here’s a couple snippets of the study:

“…according to our study, consumers don’t want a conversation with brands—they want deals. Of those who follow a brand on Twitter, 44% say access to exclusive deals is the main reason. The same holds true for those who “friended” a brand on Facebook or MySpace, where 37% cite access to exclusive deals or offers as their main reason.”

So what is your brand saying?  Are you giving your fans a chance to not only follow your Entertainment journey, but be exclusively rewarded for their support?  Think hard about how you want to give fans access is this new era of Entertainment 2.0.

Your fans are opening their doors for you to interact with them in different ways.  Show them your appreciation by offering them anything from a shout out to your biggest supporter on your next album to a personal Skype Call saying hello and thanks.

“While conventional wisdom holds that consumers don’t want brands encroaching on their social or personal lives, this is far from the truth. In our 2008 study, we found that an overwhelming majority of consumers (76%) welcomed brand advertising on social networks. 2009 is the year of the “fan.” According to our study, nearly 40% of consumers reported having “friended” a brand on Facebook and/or MySpace and 26% have followed a brand on Twitter. The myth of marketing-free social spaces is just that. The “dialogue” between brands and consumers is not only frequent, but also welcome.”

This study on brands is not just applicable to the Wal-Marts and Amazons of the world.  Your brand just very well may be one of the most important parts of your success.  Are you being engaging? Are you opening the dialogue?

If the above excerpts aren’t enough to convince you about the importance of direct interaction in this Social Media age, then perhaps this is:

“Engagement equals affinity. Moreover, brands that use digital to drive awareness also drive sales: 64% of consumers report making a first purchase from a brand because of a digital experience.”

Your Brand equals Your Fans.  Think about it.

Entertainment Brand

Your Fans, Your Brand

Feb 3 / admin

The iFundie Launch Party Was a Hit!!

The iFundie launch party was a hit on Sunday! If you missed the fun, don’t worry,  the pictures have arrived.  We’re deeply humbled from all the support we’ve seen from supporters.  We truly believe we are working towards building a great product and the positive response we’ve been receiving keeps us motivated everyday.

iFundie Launch Party

iFundie Crew and Symmetry Entertainment

Check out the rest of the pictures here!     iFundie Launch Party

Feb 2 / admin

We are Still Here!!

Hey everyone!!

We didn’t want you thinking that it’s been dead around here so we wanted to update you all.  It’s actually been quite the opposite.  Everything has been moving along in the right direction.  The iFundie camp is very excited about where we are right now.

The website has been chugging along just fine.  We are currently testing it to fix all the little bugs so its not annoying any of you once you’re able to use it.  Here’s a screen shot below:

Once we feel comfortable with all the minor bugs to be completely worked out we’re going to open the site to a few initial clients we have been discussing things with!!  You should look for that to happen around the first week of September.  During that phase with our clients we plan to discuss their user experience with the site and what are some things we should focus on fixing and possible routes for future enhancements.

Now you may be wondering “Oh wow that’s great for those guys, but how does that help me???”  Well once we open it up for our first few clients we will be looking for additional clients for the site. September is going to be an exciting time for the iFundie camp and all of our wonderful users who have shown us support and have been patiently waiting for our launch!

Stay tuned.

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