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Aug 11 / admin

Unique Ways to Promote Your Next Party Event

Eventbrite, the leading provider of online event management and ticketing services, came up with a cool three-part series on innovative ways to promote events utilizing Social Media.  The first describes tips using Twitter, second using Facebook, and last using Email.  In it, they actually give some specific examples on how to use these tools, which is why we chose to blog about it.
I personally like their tips on using Email the best.  Here’s a part of it that hit on a good point:

“One idea is to talk to your invitees like they’re already going. Don’t make the subject of the email the fact that the recipient has not yet registered for the event.  This makes people feel alienated and somewhat hostile.  Don’t browbeat your invitees with recriminations like “Why haven’t you registered yet?” or “There are only 3 days left before the event!”.  Those types of messages work against you.  Most people don’t like it when other people try to create urgency for them.  Most people prefer to create urgency for themselves.”

Here are the links to the entire series:

Event Promotion

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