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Jan 1 / admin

WTF is iFundie?

You are probably asking yourself 2 questions: What the *bleep* is iFundie and how does it relate to Arts and Entertainment?

Art.  Entertainment.  The power to rebel against a corrupt government through concert, the ability to gather a people under common cause in a fundraising event, the chance to express ones respect for a different culture by the imitation of their indigenous styles of fashion.

The universal language spoken through music, the unspoken messages and nostalgic memories carried through dance, the remarkable influence that a fashion model can have on modern-day trends in society.

There’s nothing questionable about the impact the industry has on human life.  The spread of diverse cultures and ways of life from one corner of the earth to the next three lies within Art and Entertainment .  It’s a beautiful thing.

Our aim is to provide a new and better way for those creative minds of the world to more freely spread their creative works throughout the world, disregarding limitations caused through financing their creations.  In a globalized world made smaller by the Internet and Social Media, there’s no better opportunity than now for entertainment creators and appreciators to exchange gifts.

What has Art and Entertainment done for you?  How has it influenced your life for the better?  For worse?   Leave your story down below.

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